i’m not the best at analyzing stuff, but i’m trying to make sense of things as i’m watching the scene where gabranth confronts ashe at the pharos

the one thing i didn’t notice the first time i played the game is that he isn’t actually taunting her. maybe that’s what he (and…

I’ve always wondered what Basch would have done if Ashe had chosen to claim the stone, harness its power, do the Occuria bidding and serve as the next Dynast-Queen. The harm would not be as great if she only did it to restore her nation and reclaim her throne. However, the Ashe that we’ve seen so far in the game right until Reddas speaks up seems to be walking down a warpath with the destruction of the Empire in her mind. She wants to free her kingdom and seems to soften in the later part of the game, but she also believes she needs power to do so and the Empire needs to pay for their crimes.

"Dalmasca does not forget kindness, nor ill deed done. With sword in hand, she aids her allies, sword in hand she lays to rest her foes. This nethicite must be my sword. I will avenge those who have died, and the Empire… will know remorse."

Doesn’t look too promising, no?

As for Basch, he has always given his counsel to Ashe but throughout the game, he never once tried to impose his opinion on her or anyone. Not Ashe, not Vaan, and not even Noah. (And honestly, I believe that Basch’s approach on this matter is something that pisses the heck out of Noah because goddamnit, he’s his twin, he should be speshul!). He gives his counsel to the people around him and makes his intentions clear but he never seeks to tell them what to do or even justify or explain himself to anyone. He just does what he needs to do — apologise protect people and peace.

"If I could protect but one person from war’s horror… then I would bear any shame. I would bear it proudly." (Ozmone Plains)

"There is hope. Hope for a future where we can join hands as brothers.” (Ozmone Plains)

So, if Ashe had chosen revenge, her choices would conflict with Basch’s wish for peace and his knightly vows. But the question is what does his ‘knightly vows’ constitute of? Which is more important? To protect the people/peace or to protect his queen? If Ashe had made the wrong decision, Basch would be facing two bad choices:

  • Protect Ashe — Restore Dalmasca’s freedom — Destroy the Empire, more bloodshed
  • Remove Ashe as a threat — Deny Dalmasca’s freedom — Empire remains intact, less bloodshed

Not that the second choice would have mattered because even if Basch does nothing about Ashe, Noah is definitely up for the job to kill her. And Dr Cid would have stepped in to harness the stone for science the Empire anyway.

Looking at Basch’s choices in Revenant Wings, especially after he left to serve Archadia ‘to further the cause of peace in Ivalice’, it would seem that he values peace above all. Still, I do wonder if he would take up arms against a tyrant!Ashe? To be a queenslayer? Would he stand by her side as he has sworn to do? Or would he choose to stop her and stand against her? Would he had tried to talk some sense into her even when it is obviously too late? Harming her would also mean he failed to protect another nationhead and condemned Dalmasca to further oppression and subjugation under the thumb of the Empire? But letting her destroy Archadia means more bloodshed and war.

And on the question why did Basch keep silent throughout the whole exchange? As mentioned earlier, it is not within his nature to tell others how to act, and he respects Ashe enough to let her make her own choices, even if they are bad ones (for one thing, he knew there’s a possibility of Ashe bidding for revenge).

Otherwise, I do agree with ronsenboobi on her interpretation as to why Basch decided to stay out of the exchange. And as far as I can tell, Basch was biding his time and waiting for them to make their decision, in which then he would make his. Luckily his faith in Ashe isn’t misplaced but it would have been really interesting (and nerve-wracking) if Basch was stuck with a dilemma.


Holy crap this was a while back. All this Final Fantasy stuff made me jump back into my photobucket and I found all the FF12 stuff I did with my buddies ;v;

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It’s only my second day in Japan.

Pain doesn’t even begin to describe the torture I’m putting on my legs, walking 12 hours a day.

No regrets though! Nine more days to go and wishing it would never end.